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I'm Jen Nichols...I love hearing that name. Dave and I now live in West Jordan. Dave currently works at Pioneer Valley Hospital and Jordan Valley Medical Center. He is a Therapist for Pioneer Valley Hospital and does crisis work for them as well. Reagan is 3 yrs old and she is only getting cuter. Matthew just joined our little family on March 22, 2012. He is a sweet little guy. We are just enjoying the ride.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

new and exciting things

Well it's official. I am a sucky blogger. I am not good at this at all. Anyway here is a little update on what has happened within the last few months. Since the new year Dave and I decided it was time to add on to our family. We will be expecting our new addition in october. I will never forget that night I told Dave the exciting news. I have never seen anyone so happy in my life. He jumped up and down with a huge smile on his face. He could not stop kissing me....I loved that :-). When we found out I was only 5 weeks along so I waited a couple of weeks to go see the doctor. My first doctor's visit was cool. The doctor did an ultrasound and the baby was only the size of a kidney bean, so cute.
I feel lucky not to have had the experience of morning sickness though. I was however extremely tired durning my first trimester and working full time. My days off consisted of my laying on the couch all day long. Since then my second trimester has been better. I have been less tired but I still make many frequent trips to the bathroom. I had another doctor's appointment on friday and they did another ultrasound. The doctor told me that the baby was in a breeched position and my bladder was empty making it difficult to see the gender. So we will find out for sure on May 29th. The new pics of the baby were so amazing. I actually have a baby inside of me and it looked more like a baby then a kidney bean. There was even a picture of the baby waving at us.
Also some other exciting news is that Dave has finished his first year of grad school. Yay!!!! only one more year to go. I can't waite to see what the next year brings. Dave is going to be an amazing father. I love him so much. I thank the Lord everyday for sending me someone so good. And for slapping me in the face to wake up and see that I had something so wonderful right in front of me. Most days I feel like I don't deserve him.....ok I lied I totally do. But I was one of the lucky ones that's for sure.