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I'm Jen Nichols...I love hearing that name. Dave and I now live in West Jordan. Dave currently works at Pioneer Valley Hospital and Jordan Valley Medical Center. He is a Therapist for Pioneer Valley Hospital and does crisis work for them as well. Reagan is 3 yrs old and she is only getting cuter. Matthew just joined our little family on March 22, 2012. He is a sweet little guy. We are just enjoying the ride.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference weekend and big sister little brother time

I love Conference weekend so much. It was a little harder to pay attention this time around mostly because of Reagan. She was just all over the place and wanting to play with me and Dave the whole time. But I guess I shouldn't have expected to be fully attentive to conference with a 2 year old running around. But the spirit was still there and I loved spending time with my family.
Reagan loves the camera more and more. I love that whenever I pull it out to take pictures she looks at me, smiles, and says cheese. I also love that she really loves her baby brother. Every morning she runs from her room asking to see Matthew, she always wants to hold the baby. This is all really great. I was hoping she would be this way with him. She has done pretty well so far. I try to spend as much time with her as I can because the only difference we have experienced with her is more whines.
She loves Matthew

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Doctor's visit

Matthew went to the doctor for the first time since he was born. We went mainly to have a circumcision. I have to say that he did great! what a trooper through the whole thing. Ok I didn't watch as they did it because I didn't want to watch them do that to my baby. But Dave said that he only cried for the numbing shot then was great after that. He's such a strong little fella. Reagan on the other hand didn't like it when the nurse poked his heel to get blood for a screening test. She kept asking if baby Matthew was going to be ok. She is such a tender heart. She is so much like me when I was younger...ok and maybe I'm still like that now. But at least she is taking after me in some way.