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I'm Jen Nichols...I love hearing that name. Dave and I now live in West Jordan. Dave currently works at Pioneer Valley Hospital and Jordan Valley Medical Center. He is a Therapist for Pioneer Valley Hospital and does crisis work for them as well. Reagan is 3 yrs old and she is only getting cuter. Matthew just joined our little family on March 22, 2012. He is a sweet little guy. We are just enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to school pictures!

Back to school Yay! I can't believe that my Reagan is going to be going to first grade. She is getting so big. Another year of preschool for Matthew but this year he goes three days a week instead of two. He did really well in his class last year with Miss Emily so I kept him there for this year. Reagan met her teacher yesterday before she started her first full day of school today. She was so excited. I'm pretty excited too but I still miss having my little girl around. Matthew started yesterday and Miss Emily said that he had a perfect day at school. I'm excited for my kids and for this year and what exciting things they will learn. Yay for school!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

San Diego (Funcle Trip) 2016!

We went to San Diego a few days ago and had an awesome vacation with family. We deemed this trip the Funcle trip because Uncle Russ is the favorite uncle and that is what he called it. We even had t shirts that we wore to sea world but I didn't take the camera in sea world because I didn't want it to get wet. But we did so many things that by the end of the day I was so tired that I just fell in bed and went to sleep. We got there Wednesday night and went to Jared and Emily's reception. They were sealed in the temple a month ago so Andrea wanted to throw them something simple and small to say congratulations. We went to the Bay and jet skied all day, we did sea world all day,the beach all day and on our last day we went to Midway where all of the navy ships were. it was amazing to be able to go up into those big beautiful ships. I also learned that my grandpa joe served on the very ship we were touring. He was the protector of the captin in viet nam. We had so much fun. We drove all day yesterday to get home and we had to have a vacation from our vacation just to regroup. I think that we are going to make this a yearly thing. The kids loved it and it was a much needed get away.