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I'm Jen Nichols...I love hearing that name. Dave and I now live in West Jordan. Dave currently works at Pioneer Valley Hospital and Jordan Valley Medical Center. He is a Therapist for Pioneer Valley Hospital and does crisis work for them as well. Reagan is 3 yrs old and she is only getting cuter. Matthew just joined our little family on March 22, 2012. He is a sweet little guy. We are just enjoying the ride.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Days and Sugar House park

We went to Strawberry Days last year but Reagan was only 1 and a half so she didn't enjoy as much. This year was so much fun. Reagan even got to go on a few rides. She loved every min. of it...well almost every min of it. Her absolute favorite ride of all was the carousel. I have never seen such a big smile on her face while it was going. Reagan begged us to go on the dragon roller coaster. She had to be a specific height to ride the ride by herself. She didn't fit the height requirement so she went with her dad. And she cried the whole time. I know it's sad but I couldn't help but laugh a little bit because she wanted to go on it so badly. Then of course what would strawberry days be without strawberries and cream? Reagan really liked the car ride because she loves to pretend that she is driving with me in our real car. Reagan really liked this ride at first but I guess it lasted to long for her because a couple of times towards the end she would say mom I'm done. We had a lot of fun at Sugar house park. we may have all gotten a little sunburned except for little Matty. But it was well worth it. Love spending time with my family.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cedar Hills Fireworks

We went to Cedar Hills for some great fireworks. I haven't seen fireworks for a while so this was a lot of fun. We packed up and headed to the grandparents house for some popcorn,root beer floats, and some firework watchin fun. Reagan never enjoyed them before but she kept saying wow every time one went off. She got tired of them before they ended. I guess it was a little longer than she liked. But she lasted a lot longer than normal.

Father's Day

We showered Dave with love today. Just to let him know how much we love him for being the best daddy and husband ever. What I made him for breakfast Reagan after she said a great Happy Father's day to her daddy. she included some hugs and kisses for good measure.


We just love our little man. Getting bigger ever day.

Pizza Night

We have decided to make pizza night a weekly thing. We make get sick of it pretty darn fast though. Reagan loves to help when I make dinner. Pizza night is a great way for her to get involved. She loves the cheese pizza. The finished product Getting ready to dig in Man I wish I could eat that delicious looking pizza mmmmm so good We love pizza night.

Shhh...quiet time

Couldn't resist putting these on the blog. We let Reagan watch television for a little bit before bed. When I came out of my bedroom this is what I found. She's just curled up on our rocking chair. I don't even know how this is comfortable for her but hey whatever. So so sweet. Reagan always wants to lay down with Matthew before she goes to bed. She always asks me if Matthew can sleep with her. How do you tell a 2 year old that it probably wouldn't be a good idea. That she might roll over on her brother and hurt him. How do you explain that to her and have her understand it?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother's Day/Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial day weekend was a lot of fun. We tried out our little sprinkler while watering the lawn. Reagan insisted on getting into her swimsuit and running through it. She had so much fun. but kept running back to me for her towel because she was so cold.
Then we headed of to the water park that is only down the street from us. Dave and I have seriously been considering buying a pass so that we can take Reagan there all summer long.
It was so bright outside that Reagan couldn't look at the camera. I know that these pictures are out of order and that the mother's day pictures should be first but oh well. I'm to lazy to fix it. My mother's day was so nice. Dave totally pampered me and took care of the kids all by himself all day long. We went to my parents ward for church then over to their house for lunch/dinner.
Reagan really enjoyed her dinner and desert so much that she licked the plate clean.
Reagan and her great grandma Rachel.
Mother's day really was a great day. Thanks so much honey. I'll have to make sure that I make it up to him for Father's Day.